Special Deal 1!

5 white reusable face masks for €1,25 (=€0,25 per mask)

Prevent viruses from getting the upper hand! Studies show that the risk of infection is significantly reduced when wearing face masks, it’s important to protect yourself and others. Stay safe, wear face masks!


High quality face masks with three layers that protects you and others against viruses like Covid-19 corona. Hoge kwaliteit mondkapjes die u en anderen om u heen beschermen tegen het Covid-19 (corona) virus


Special Deal 2! 

50 medical face masks for €4,95 (=€0,09 per mask)

On workdays ordered before 5 pm, shipped the same day.
All our face mask have minimum three layers which limits the transition of a virus and are recommended as a means of source control. Unlike many other face masks, the face masks of maskdiscounter come from a factory that has been approved by the european union and have CE, FDA and ISO certifications.

Good quality doesn’t have to be expensive!